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New Old Stock

These parts are New Old Stock (NOS) which means they are New parts, but were manufactured long ago and never been used.


Beru, BN4 Gas heater spark plug
Part Number#: SKU17990

Beru, BN4 Gas heater spark plug, EBE 514

Our price: $45.00
Vacuum Advance Can
Part Number#: SKU18003

NOS "Large Distributor" Vacuum Advance Can. Fits Bosch 40 HP ZV/Pau 4R1 through ZV /PAU 4R6 distributors. Has three mounting holes. I have several of these.

Our price: $40.00
Door, Left Side, Type 4
Part Number#: SKU18175
NOS Type 4 Left Side Door

VW 421 831 051G

Our price: $250.00