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Rebuilt Engines

Engines require rebuilding for lots of reasons.

Be sure that you actually need a rebuild before you pull your engine down. To start with, make sure the compression in each cylinder is within spec. If the compression is not within spec, check your valve adjustment first, then recheck compression. If the compression is still low, then it is a probable cause to have the engine rebuilt. Next, check the crankshaft end play. Type 1 engines are famous for the thrust bearing behind the flywheel coming loose in the case. If this happens, you can usually tell by grabbing onto the pulley(when the engine is not running) and pushing it inwards then pulling it outwards. The amount of "End Play" should be next to nothing .002 to .006. If you can feel it, or hear a clunking noise, it usually means that the bearing is loose and the case requires align boring. No need to go any further. Pull the engine down. If the end play and compression are within spec, then you need to check the oil pressure. You would need to do this with an oil pressure gauge. You may be able to borrow or rent one of these at your local Auto Parts store. Check to see what the oil pressure is. Make sure its within spec. If its not, you may need to have the engine rebuilt. Low oil pressure is usually a result of too much clearance between engine bearings, worn oil pumps or other worn parts. For the reasons just mentioned, it would almost be certain that the engine needs to come apart. Other reasons would be a major oil leak, or knocking noises. Engine hesitations, stalling, poor performance, or symtoms of such, are not real reasons to pull the engine down. These problems are usually solved by external components or adjustments. If you need advice or direction with any of the above, give us a call. (905) 735-2847.

So you need your VW Engine Rebuilt?

Our Rebuilt VW Engines start by disassembling your engine completely. If you wish to save a little money, bring us your engine dissassembled, that's ok. Please have all of your parts in plastic totes or boxes. We start by a thorough inspection of all the components. We inspect the parts and look for the reasons of engine failure and wear. All components are checked and measured. Crankshafts are either polished, machined or replaced. Connecting Rods are always checked for straightness, resized & rebushed. Camshafts are either replaced, or reground. New lifters are always installed. The engine case is checked for wear, align bored if necessary, machined or replaced. Oil pumps are always replaced with new ones. The pistons and cylinders are replaced with new ones. The cylinder heads are thoroughly inpsected, glass beaded and reconditioned as necessary. New valves are installed. If the cost of reconditioning the cylinder heads exceed or compares to the replacement cost, we will replace the cylinder heads with new.  Push rod tubes, gaskets and seals are all replaced. The engine tin will be inspected, sand blasted and painted if you wish. There will be an extra charge for this. The intake and exhaust systems are inspected, repaired, rebuilt or replaced. The engine components not mentioned are all checked and inspected for wear and replaced if necessary. 

Once the engine is fully assembled, the engine is run on our test stand. It is adjusted to perform within factory specs. It is checked for leaks after a lengthy run in session. Your engine is ready to go.

Just like our New Long Blocks, Turn Key Performance or Stock Engines, we do not have rebuilt engines sitting on the shelf. These engines require a rebuildable core. It is best to supply us with one. Just like our Performance & Stock Engines, there are lots of options available with your Rebuilt Engine. We do not have a set price. Our Rebuilt Engines start at approx. $3000.00 CDN . Please Call us to dicuss your options today.

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