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There is nothing better than building an engine for the first time, starting it up, and listen to it roar!!!

     My first full engine rebuild was when working for Mack Trucks back in the early 1980's. I rebuilt an inline 6 cyl. Mack Diesel Engine for the first time. I followed the factory service manual word for word. I never took any short cuts and was watched over by an excellent lead hand. I remember the day we started the engine up for the first time on the test stand. We cranked the engine until we had oil pressure reading on our gauge. The lead hand then gave the engine fuel and it fired up. What seemed almost instantly he brought the engine up to the governor. I nearly fell over with excitement and joy. The noise was almost unbearable, while standing beside this extra large 6 cylinder truck engine on the floor running full throttle. When we shut the engine off after a short while, I asked the lead hand, why right to the govenor? He said, If its going to blow up, its going to blow up here, not somewhere down the road. If you did a good job, you won't have anything to worry about. WOW

From that day forward, I realized that doing the job right the first time, was the only way.

Over the past 30 years we have built alot of VW Engines.

Here at John's Bug Shop we don't take short cuts.

Sure our engines cost more.

Our engines are built correctly, the first time.



Anyone looking to have their VW engine rebuilt, give us a call to discuss options and price.

Toll Free (888) 735 2847

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